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Environmental Pollution unsettles Belawan Medan Residents

Ilustrasi limbah pabrik yang mencemari sungai. (foto: Istimewa)

Ilustrasi limbah pabrik yang mencemari sungai. (foto: Istimewa)

MEDAN – Pollution of the environment in the Medan Belawan District area, North Sumatra, has generated resentment among residents. Reports related to environmental pollution continue to flow to the local and central government, but it is still difficult to deal with legally.

It is necessary to know that on 18-21 September 2019, the North Sumatra Provincial Environment Agency, Belawan Lantamal I, Belawan Port Police, Belawan Port Authority, Belawan Kacabjari and Medan Belawan District Head apparatus, have conducted monitoring and evaluation related to the environmental pollution report. .

After two weeks of holding a coordination and outreach meeting with all agencies in the Medan Belawan District area, a monitoring and evaluation team for the control of pollution and damage to the environment in the region was formed.

The companies suspected of carrying out waste disposal around Belawan Harbor include PT Anugrah Indo Maritim Sejahtera, PT Citra Perdana, PT Intrako Agro Industri, PT Sarana Baja Perkasa, PT Waruna, PT Intercon Terminal Indonesia and PT Pancaran Jati Nusa.

From the company’s activities, it was found that there were irregularities, violations, and waste disposal that did not go through the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

In addition, these companies are also suspected of not having an Environmental Management Statement (SPPL) which states that the company does not have the capability of the person responsible for the business and / or activity to carry out environmental management and monitoring of the environmental impacts of its business and / or activities outside of businesses and / or activities that are mandatory for Environmental Impact Assessment or UKL-UPL.

One example of the findings of the monitoring and evaluation team when plunging in the field was the discovery of residual chemical residues of containers that were suspected to be poisonous, and dangerous. This was revealed when the team conducted an investigation, and discovered container washing activities every day.

Based on information in the field that the container depot is working with the shipping companies MAERSK and OOCL.However, after an investigation and monitoring, that the collaboration between the two giant shipping companies as a container provider and a registered company as the depot manager, namely PT Intercon, there was no cooperation in the form of handling and disposal of B3 waste in the depot.

After PT Intercon’s container manager was inspected (BAP) by the North Sumatra Provincial Government’s Environmental Service, it was found that the company did not have complete environmental documents or permits.

Meanwhile, the handling of B3 waste related to the two shipping companies (MAERSK and OOCL), is listed as a shipping company that is considered to care about the environment, and always supports the “Go Green” program in every port of the country where container carriers are carried by the management. rules in the country.

On the other hand, the local community in the Medan Belawan port area is concerned about the operation of these companies that are suspected of polluting the environment. Because the company has been operating for a long time.

Formerly the local people who pocketed life by looking for fish and crabs in the river Paluh (Medan Belawan), but now (shrimp, fish, and crabs) no longer exists due to environmental pollution.

Before the company was established, the river water (Paluh) looked very clear, even the shrimp, fish, and crabs in the river were the livelihoods of local residents.

As stated by H Dasril, one of the residents of Medan Belawan Ciliwung Gang, to the media crew, Wednesday (11/06/2019).

The man who claimed to have settled in the area since 66 years ago, added, “The mullet fish is known to be the most stubborn fish because it can live on land and in water, but because of the waste flowing in the Paluh river it causes the mullets to die let alone other fish . ”

“At present there are no more sources of livelihood for residents in the Paluh river,” he complained.

He also regretted the attitude of the company that had no sense of caring for the livelihoods of the local residents. “At the high tide the company disposed of its waste, so that the residents’ environment was full of waste. As a result, the soil hardened,” he said.

Asked about the distribution of the company’s CSR funds, Dasril said there had never been. According to him, since the company was established, it had never distributed aid to local residents.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by Medan Belawan youth figure, Ustadz Rudi Hartono, who reminded the companies to keep protecting the environment. He said the company had been littering.

Thus, he later said, the company allegedly violated Law Number 32 Year 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management.

“We as citizens pay attention to this pollution problem, so citizens need to find a balance of information,” he said.

For this reason, he asked the company to show the results of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (KLHS), Environmental Protection and Management Plan (RPPLH), and Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) as well as Environmental Management and Environmental Monitoring Efforts (UKL-UPL) ).

“Residents hold companies accountable for environmental pollution and damage,” he concluded. (RIL)

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